Turn Your Website Into A Readable and Clickable Mobile Website

Most businesses do not realize that after all the money they spend on building a great website, maybe even with Flash, that 70% of people doing mobile search either will not be able to read or click on their website, or worse, if a flash website, may not even see most or any of the website on their mobile device.

GoMobileWebsite.Mobi is a leader in designing and integrating a mobile friendly website with your existing website. Our unique Virtual Detection System(VDS), can tell which type of browser the user is searching from. If a mobile device we send the customer to your mobile website, if a desk top they go to your existing website.

Total integration in an instant without the user evening knowing.

This mobile website is designed with your business and the mobile customers needs in mind. You need to see if your website is mobile useable, and if not, get our MobiWeb mobile site.

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Why A Mobile Website ?

Because that is what everyone in the United States, and the entire world use in 2011. And it is growing extremely fast.


In the US alone their are 304.9 million mobile subscribers in December 2010(96 % of the population) [Source: CTIA -The Wireless Association] Of this amount, smartphones are becoming the largest segment of that growth. [Source: CTIA -The Wireless Association]

So, the number of people accessing the mobile internet is growing so fast, that it is expected to overtake the PC as the most used source to access the Web within the next 4-5 years. [Source: International Telecommunication Union, February 15, 2010]. Gartner Wireless, a leader in wireless communications predicts in 2011, more than 85 % of handsets sold globally will contain some form of a web browser.


70% of companies with websites selling something, be it a product, a service, or information, do not have have their websites designed to view on a smartphone or tablet device. {Source: Econsultancy from the "Conversion Rate Optimization Report 2011].

So, with smartphones growing almost geometrically and the use of mobile web browsing following, only 30% of all companies have a website that can be properly viewed on the smaller screen these devices contain.


Have a mobile reviewable website built that uses Virtual Detection Systems(VDS) to tell the source of the users browser to direct them either to a mobile website or your regular website. This while making the user experience on the mobile website viewable, clear and allowing for the user to have a great experience without having to scroll or zoom the screen.


Determine if you website is mobile friendly. We will evaluate your website and provide you a report and our expert advise on what, if anything, you need to do to have a mobile readable website.

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